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G. Earl Knight

President & Founder: Atlantic Union Adventist Media is another avenue of fulfilling the mission of the Atlantic Union Conference to "lead all people, through the power of the everlasting gospel, into a growing, balanced, mature Christian experience to develop the church family, to serve the local community, and to prepare every person for the soon coming of Jesus Christ."

Ednor Davison

Assistant to the President for Communication: It's a privilege to be a part of the Atlantic Union Adventist Media team reaching out with the gospel of Jesus Christ.


Rohann D. Wellington

Managing Director: Media and Ministry is a marriage that shall never be broken in the years to come in fulfilling Matt. 24:14. And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached to all the earth. . . . What an awesome privilege!


JeNean Johnson

Floor Manager:  Media ministry is an absolute joy! As a member of the AUAM production team, I enjoy seeing everyone join together to use their gifts and talents to reach the the thousands that view the programs.

Gary Saunders

Audio Engineer & IT Specialist: I assist is providing end to end technical solutions for AUAM broadcasts. Adding that personal touch to making the MIX sound crystal clear.

Lisa Wellington

Floor Manager: Media and ministry is very exciting for me. Being a part of the AUAM team is spiritually uplifting and simply wonderful.

Wilson Trigo

Video Engineer (DIT) & Lighting director:  Time/Life is short and we are in a state of emergency.  Let's keep cameras and lighting on...


Orville Vassel

Videographer & Electrician: I am excited to be a part of AUAM, spreading the LIGHT of Jesus and His soon return. It's ministry for me behind the camera!

Travis Williams

Videographer & Editor: Being able to use your talents in serving God and spreading His word is an honor and a privilege. I am able to assist not only in what you view live, but also the finished product you view later. 

Dahlia Reid

Social Media & Production Assistant: It is wonderful to know that through this medium we are able to reach individuals who in the norm would not be reached. I will continue to allow the Lord to use me for His will.

Dawin Rodriguez

Photographer: Working as a photographer for AUAM is an honor! Being available to use the talent that God has given to me and use it for His work it is an amazing experience!

Lisa Gonzalez

Floor Director: Working with media has at times been challenging yet quite rewarding. I enjoy the excitement of live broadcasting and meeting new people. Cameras, lights, action!

Walter Harris

Videographer: Working with the team at AUAM is a wonderful joy and privilege;  Working behind the camera brings great joy in helping to evangelize the world through media.

Chris Dublin

Audio Engineer: The Bible says that... Faith comes by hearing... to be able to help someone increase their Faith by providing an excellent sound is an awesome privilege.  I am truly thankful for the opportunity to work with AUAM.



Other Support Crew not pictured:

Dale Reynolds
Andrea Hicks
Courtney Morgan Jr.